Intelligent               Hotline App


Capture proactive, context-rich insight on workplace concerns to reduce time, energy and effort via an intelligent hotline app that uses interviews tailored by investigation experts and machine learning

Helping build safe, secure and trustworthy workplace neighborhoods

It's time for a (r)evolution

in how we enable staff to help address workplace risks

Upgrade to a more effective workplace hotline

We make it easy to improve the effectiveness of staff reporting and reduce the time, energy end effort of resolving a range of workplace issues. In doing so, we help clients reduce claims and total cost of risk while improving ROI on the analytics tools.

The core problem we solve is that most all Ethics, Safety, HR, Quality, Cyber and Corporate Security hotline systems have paid too little attention to the biggest problem with traditional employee hotline systems: today's workforce doesn't want to make a call, guess at what details are important to share, send an email or fill out a long, generic form.

Our system provides users an interview tailored to their specific concern via intelligent, app-based interaction created by subject matter experts and augmented by machine learning. The result is more timely risk identification and the capture of more contextual details from staff reports, enabling more effective investigations and more efficient incident resolution.

Reduce costs with a system that uncovers more actionable insight

NWFC Overview

The NWFC employee hotline system includes a mobile app and desktop app.

We provide more complete coverage of employee communication preferences, starting with a focus on the convenience of a mobile app. We can replace a redundant, underutilized mix of paper and web forms, phone hotlines and email inboxes for one or more departments across the enterprise.

Tailored, adaptable questions mimic an impersonal interview by an expert. Our unique combination of subject matter expert inputs and machine learning guides users through the process of sharing concerns, uncovering more actionable details to aid in resolution.

Our InSight Dashboard provides two-way anonymous dialog with app users and a collaborative internal response to workplace concerns. Each department manages access to their report data and workflow.

Ethics + Conduct

Replace your outdated confidential hotline system(s) with a single, intelligent system that maximizes engagement and uncovers vital details.


Augment limited budget and resources via more effective engagement with the workforce for quicker remediation of security and fraud incidents.

Augment limited resources by effectively engaging the "eyes and ears" of staff so they can share timely, actionable reports related to security & fraud.

Safety & Health

Enable timely notification of issues and more efficient remediation while better informing root cause investigations with the benefit of more context.

Quality Assurance

Uncover actionable observations that could prevent or mitigate costly recalls or trial failures to reduce remediation costs and reputation damage.

Cyber Security

A channel for staff to share concerns about cyber hygiene and insider threats, while also adding a valuable data stream to your analytics toolset.

It's not just about what users want to say,

it's about what you need to know

Uncover critical, often missed context and  details to support more efficient resolution

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