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Finding the right workplace hotline for your organization doesn't have to be a long, painful process. We will quickly help you discover if NWFC™ is a good fit based on your specific needs and budget.


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  • How effective hotlines must accommodate the way today's workforce prefers to communicate 

  • The profile of our ideal customer

  • An overview of the system and report workflow

  • The value of digitized experts elicitation interviews

  • How our Justification Toolkit (and our staff) provide personal support through the entire buying process

  • How we are a full partner with you during the implementation and awareness programs phase

  • Our flexible subscription options and pricing, to include discounts and multi-department options

Why Neighborhood Watch for Corporations® ?

Multiple Reporting Channels

Mobile (web) app and desktop-based reporting tools help reduce time to discovery.

2- Way Anonymous Communication

Users can provide additional information and respond to follow up questions while anonymous.

More Actionable Details

Our machine learning provides tailored interviews designed to uncover often missed details. 

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