Compliance Week

Cited in Compliance Week: “The good news for those who believe we can and must do more to improve reporting methods is that we now have available the ability to provide employees an impersonal reporting channel that is more accessible, meaningful, and effective..."

Corporate Compliance Insights

Our CEO was joined by former General Motors Audit and Risk Management leader Jay Taylor to offer insights on often overlooked aspects of communication with employees regarding ethics, compliance and risk management. Read more at  Corporate Compliance Insights. 

Radical Compliance Podcast

Our CEO joined the Radical Compliance Podcast to talk about the role of Machine Intelligence and Mobile Apps in helping find the balance between Ethics Hotline users who are looking for an easy, quick reporting process and Ethics and Compliance Managers, who are looking for a conversation. 


Ann Arbor

"Our tech has evolved to make sure that what's being reported is not just what users want to say, but what the client needs to hear..." via Concentrate Ann Arbor reporting on the local tech scene.

Game Change Agency Interview

Neighborhood Watch® for Corporations selected as a Game Changer for managers of risk and compliance by former General Motors Strategic Risk Manager Jay Taylor. Check out the interview by clicking below.