Expert investigators agree, the structure of an interview has a significant impact on planning and resolution.

One-size-fits-all, generic sets of questions or open text boxes fall short in collecting the relevant, actionable details and context on which risk management professionals rely for effective, efficient resolution of workplace concerns.

Investigative Experts,

Intelligence Experts

& Machine Learning

Improve Outcomes,

Reduce Cost of Risk,
& Reduce Claims

  •  We make user experience a priority, making it easer for staff to report workplace concerns

  •  We don't leave it up to the user to guess what details are important; we guide their interaction

  • More than just a list of selectable questions, our experts in intelligence and investigations know how to best construct questions and answers in order to elicit important, often missed, details

  • Each time our highly vetted experts update our system it adapts to learn how to improve the scripted elicitation interviews we provide to users

  •  We help you gather more timely, relevant and actionable details on potentially costly incidents to facilitate better investigations, quick resolution and efficient root cause analysis