Partnership Program + Portal

Our centralized partner portal helps the front lines of our partner organizations first understand how the NWFC™ employee hotline system adds value and second, how to position the benefits of our intelligent hotline system with potential customers. When trying to decide whether your organization will make a good potential distribution or sales partner for Neighborhood Watch for Corporations®, there are a number of criteria that you should consider up front. Here are some preliminary questions that can help you determine whether a partnership is right for your organization:

  1. Do your customers really need our product, or is it a nice-to-have?

  2. Have you ever successfully implemented a mutually rewarding partner deal before? 

  3. Do you have a significant market presence with both potential buyers for NWFC™ and existing customers that can and will buy?

  4. Do you have a synergistic product line that has a tie-in or relationship to our product?

  5. Do you have an established, smart and motivated sales organization that can fairly and accurately represent our product in the market?